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We’re at a major milestone in history. Web3 is taking its first baby steps, promising a revolution of how we operate while directly rejecting borders and the reign of the few. Maybe for the first time, people worldwide have a chance to learn and improve this new technology from scratch.

This momentous time has the power to open up doors for a new industry, better solutions, and new jobs. It can also close the door to disparity between countries, providing upward mobility to anyone with internet access and a laptop.

But we’re not quite there yet.

There's a lot of confusion and a lack of structure to learn and build web3. Less than 0.5% of developers are working on it. Most content is developer-focused, providing little information for those who want to really understand the technology. Most products face the question of ‘What is the use case?’, reminding us of the nail-hammer problem. If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail…

How can we make this transformative new technology more accessible?

How can we share the essence of web3 and build products that benefit users and the world?

We started Rise In to answer the above question.

Here you’ll find clear pathways to learn web3 and build prototypes and products that address real problems. If you put in the time to graduate from programs, complete courses, and have a passion to Rise In web3 with others, you’ll have a chance to become one of our members, opening the door to a community that will root for you to find jobs, generate higher income, meet amazing people, and show your product to the world.

“You can be anything you want to be, just turn yourself into anything you think you could ever be; be free with your tempo, be free.”

This quote and song lyric from Queen’s ‘Innuendo’ summarizes why we aspire to become the go-to place for anyone in the world curious about learning and building web3.

Let’s demystify web3 together.

Let’s Rise In it together.

Our Values

01 Clarity

Cut through the noise and demystify web3 with us! We are dedicated to providing clear, concise, and easily understandable information about web3, unraveling its complexities and demystifying the jargon.

02 Collaboration

We encourage a culture of collaboration, where inquisitive learners come together to explore, question, and build meaningful solutions, harnessing the collective intelligence of the community.

03 Boldness

Dare to dream big, dare to make waves! We encourage audacious thinking and bold action, inspiring you to dream big, challenge the status quo, and pioneer groundbreaking innovations that reshape industries and redefine what's possible in web3.

04 Inclusivity

We foster an inclusive environment that embraces diverse perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds, ensuring that everyone has a voice and feels welcome to participate and contribute.

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Our Team

Alperen Arıkan

Software Developer

Aytaç Sinan Yaydem

Frontend Software Developer

Beste Karabay

Senior Finance and Admin Specialist

Beyza Sarıkaya

Junior Software Engineer

Cansu Aymelek

Product Manager

Cansu Jöntürk

Operations and Analytics Intern

Dila Yapıcı

Operations & Analytics Manager

Duygu Aktukmak

Operations & Analytics Specialist

Emre Şarbak

Co-Founder, CPO

Ezgi Yaltay Mandal

Project Manager

Furkan Tolga Yüce

Senior Business Development Specialist

Gülcan Yayla

Co-Founder, CEO

Hümeyra Topçu

Graphic Designer & Videographer Intern

İlay Uysal

Junior Product Manager

Mert Can

Director of Sales & Business Development

Muhammed Koç

Senior Fullstack Developer

Mustafa Can Kıranlı

Co-Founder, CTO

Onur Adıyaman

Business Development Specialist

Önder Durak

Operations and Analytics Associate

Özge Açık

SeniorOperations & Analytics Specialist

Sude Özkan

Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

Şule Erk

Community Specialist

Temmuz Deniz Hoşten

Web3 Operations Specialist

Zeynep Ekşi

Junior Digital Marketing Specialist

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