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Our partners trust us to grow their ecosystems. With 15+ years of combined edtech and community building experience at our back, we’ve experimented with different models and developed the most effective way to onboard new talent to web3.

Shashi Shekhar
Strategy & Growth Director at NEAR

Rise In has been one of our top performing partners. They took a very challenging task of training 1000 devs and getting 100 testnet projects from them in 90 days. They not only completed the pilot but also built systems to scale the program to 10k certified Devs. They have a very professional and competent team which ensured not once any milestone or deadline was missed.

Chase Barker
Head of Developer Ecosystem at Solana

Rise In not only got a grant to educate Turkish developers on Solana but they’ve become Superteam Turkey and facilitated one of the best Hacker Houses to date!

Emilio Canessa
Head of Global Adoption, DFINITY Foundation

Working with Rise In has been so far an exceptional experience. Their unwavering professionalism shines through in all different areas, making them an invaluable partner of our ICP.Hub Turkey. Their expertise and dedication in delivering the Rust 101 course on the Internet Computer have set a benchmark for our educational efforts.

Rumeel Hussain
Senior Blockchain Developer at Binance

Working with Rise In has been an absolute delight for BNB Chain! As a platform dedicated to fostering a community of developers interested in web3 and blockchain technology, they provided the perfect environment for us to connect with passionate and like-minded individuals. The collaborative nature of the platform allowed us to engage with developers eager to learn about BNB Chain and how to leverage our blockchain for their projects. The educational resources and support proved invaluable in guiding developers through their journey in the web3 world. We're thrilled to be a part of this dynamic ecosystem and look forward to continuing our partnership with Rise In to empower more developers to build innovative projects on the BNB Chain. Thank you for providing such a fantastic space for growth and collaboration!

Ali Volkan Özden
Digital Business Management and Business Intelligence Group Manager at Enerjisa

As Enerjisa, we are one of the members of the Energy Web Foundation. In collaboration with Patika.dev, we have launched the 'Enerjisa Web3 Ideathon', a program that helps bridge the gap between the energy sector and decentralized technologies. The ideathon rewarded top performers with EWT, the token of the Energy Web Foundation, providing tangible incentives for innovation. This initiative has been an exciting endeavor that amplifies our commitment to innovation. Throughout this journey, Patika.dev has provided us with exceptional support, from program preparation to implementation, proving to be a crucial partner.

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