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Zeynep Ekşi

Digital Marketing Specialist

May 15, 2024

Announcing the Build on Scroll Bootcamp in Turkey with Scroll, Rise In and Patika.dev!

Scroll, an Ethereum-compatible zkEVM rollup, joined forces with Patika.dev's global web3 brand, Rise In, to launch the "Build on Scroll Bootcamp" for developers in Turkey. This free, online program aims to teach over 1,000 developers in Turkey how to apply zero-knowledge proof (zk-proof) technology and develop decentralized applications (dApps)  on the Scroll platform.

The program was announced on May 2nd at the Scroll Up event in Istanbul, which had over 200 attendees and was announced simultaneously on social media. This event brought together inspiring figures from the web3 ecosystem and aspiring developers. Kaan Kaçar from the Rise In team shared the exciting news about the bootcamp during his talk on "How to Grow the Scroll Developer Community."

Scroll Turkey Country Leader Doruk İşmen speaking at the Scroll Up Istanbul event.

Scroll Turkey Leader Doruk İşmen spoke about the program, saying, "We at Scroll believe in the potential of developing countries and aim to provide equal opportunities for developers in these regions. Turkey is at the forefront of this effort. With Rise In, we plan to teach the fundamentals of zk-proof technology, introduce the features of Scroll, and guide developers in creating projects on Scroll. Turkey's dynamic tech ecosystem and young population provide a perfect environment for these innovative technologies. By offering Scroll's resources, investor network, technical support, business development, and marketing efforts, we aim to foster the emergence of new web3 unicorns from our country."

Developers participating in the bootcamp will first learn about zk-proof concepts, the basics of Scroll, and Solidity. Those who complete the program successfully will have opportunities to join advanced project development and presentation meetings.

Interested developers can apply for free on the Rise In website until May 31st.

About Scroll:

Scroll is a zkEVM layer 2 solution for scaling Ethereum at the bytecode level. It has been open-source from the beginning and closely collaborates with the Ethereum Foundation. Scroll is dedicated to scaling Ethereum for over a billion users.

About Rise In:

Rise In provides free courses, educational programs, and community events for developers around the world to learn web3 and start building projects and careers. It is the web3-focused educational arm of Patika.dev. With 90,000+ learners across 100+ countries, the largest developer communities of Rise In are in India, Turkey, U.S., Nigeria, Kenya, Pakistan and Nepal.

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