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Gülcan Yayla
Co-Founder, CEO
October 2, 2023
Announcing the first-ever Chiliz Bootcamp with Rise In and Patika.dev!

It’s a proud day for us: We’re launching the first-ever Chiliz Chain bootcamp in the world to help developers learn about building on the Chiliz Chain, the EVM-compatible Layer-1 blockchain tailored for sports and entertainment. Rooted in the success of Socios.com and Fan Tokens, we believe it’s time for developers to not only use the Chiliz Chain but also build new projects utilizing the existing Fan Token and sports ecosystem. 

We’ve been discussing the importance of providing a structured learning pathway for developers to onboard them into the Chiliz ecosystem with Altug Ozturk, Senior Advisor at Chiliz Labs, for a long time. Finally, here we are!

This first online bootcamp of this partnership aims to onboard 1,000 developers to Chiliz until November 2023.

Why should developers join the bootcamp?

These days we have many different blockchains but when we talk about the sports and entertainment industry, no blockchain other than Chiliz comes to mind. As the leading platform for fan engagement, Chiliz offers a unique blend of NFTs, social tokens, and decentralized applications, creating an ecosystem that is both innovative and in high demand. With this bootcamp, you will learn how to utilize fan tokens on Chiliz by creating decentralized applications and opening a door of possibilities!

How does the bootcamp work?

🌍 The bootcamp is completely online and free! Developers will learn in cohorts, where they’ll meet with their peers, ask questions in dedicated and closed Discord channels, and meet with mentors weekly. 

⌛ Each cohort takes 2 weeks to complete. So, within 2 weeks, you can push your first project on Chiliz! 

🤩 The first cohort will start on October 23, 2023. Apply here by October 16, 2023!

Selection process

Once you apply, you need to complete the background survey and submit your Discord username. When you have completed this process the team will review your answers and get back to you regarding your application!


Developers will learn about the infrastructure of Chiliz and finally build projects to find new use cases with Fan Tokens. They will explore innovative ways to integrate Fan Tokens into various sports and entertainment platforms, fostering deeper engagement with fans. Through hands-on projects, they will unlock the full potential of Chiliz infrastructure to create exciting, fan-centric experiences.

Section - 1 What is Chiliz

Chiliz Network and Its Use Cases

Permissioned vs Permissionless Chains

What Are Test Tokens and How to Utilize Them

Section - 2 First Project

What Are We Going to Build

Frontend Walkthrough

Integrating Smart Contract to Boilerplate

Section - 3 Second Project

What Are We Going to Build

Frontend Walkthrough

Integrating Smart Contract to Boilerplate

Section - 4 

What Are We Going to Build

Frontend Walkthrough

Integrating Smart Contract to Boilerplate

Section - 5

How to Utilize API to Make Your Own Simple Explorer

Coming Up With Project Ideas

What is next for graduates?

After the program, bootcamp graduates will have two big opportunities:

  • Meeting with the Chiliz team directly, presenting their projects, and expanding their networks.
  • Joining Rise In Web3 Membership program - a free program to support our alumni in building long-term careers in web3. We’ll evaluate the final projects of the graduates and accordingly invite them to interviews to understand their aspirations and how we can best help them find jobs/internships/grants in web3.

About Chiliz

Founded in 2018, Chiliz is the leading blockchain provider for sports & entertainment and the creators of Fan Tokens, digital assets that provides over 170 major sporting organizations with new opportunities to connect with and reward their global fanbases on the Socios.com fan engagement app. Chiliz opened their ecosystem to a far wider audience in 2023 with the launch of Chiliz Chain. Chiliz Chain will lead to greater adoption of blockchain tech across sports and entertainment with brands invited to build Fan Tokens, NFTs and other digital assets. 

About Rise In

Rise In provides free courses and bootcamps for anyone around the world to learn web3 and start building projects and careers. It is the vertical web3-focused educational arm of Patika.dev, with a community from 90+ countries and 20,000 developers learning web3 on the platform. The largest developer communities of Rise In are in India, Turkey, U.S., and Nigeria.

About Patika.dev

Patika.dev is the largest developer community in Turkey with 200,000+ developers learning on its online education platform. Patika.dev started its web3 arm Rise In in 2023 and opened up its courses to anyone in the world to meet the demand of thousands of developers for learning and building in the growing web3 space.

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