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Gülcan Yayla

Co-founder, CEO

May 30, 2024

Case Study: The Initial 2 months of the First Web3 Technical Content Creator Bootcamp with Open Campus and Animoca Brands

Open Campus is the leading player at the intersection of education and blockchain technology. Content creators and educators are at the heart of the Open Campus vision. So we launched the first-ever technical content creator bootcamp with Open Campus in March 2024.

In this case study, we shared our experiences from the first two months of the program.

Why did we open a bootcamp for technical content creators? 

Content creators are at the heart of what Open Campus does. Open Campus is a community-led education platform connecting students with content creators. 

While content creators are so critical for Open Campus, it’s really hard to find quality content creators, especially technical tutorials explaining complex topics in an easy-to-understand way. Anyone who spent some time in web3 knows this very well.

On top of it, new concepts are emerging every day, but the educational content doesn’t catch up with it - even in official developer documentation of new technologies.

We believe there are many potential content creators in our 250,000+ talent community to solve this problem. However they need a structured way to understand the process of creating good technical tutorials.

That’s why we launched the first Technical Content Creator Bootcamp in web3 in partnership with Open Campus and Animoca Brands in March 2024!

How we onboard future content creators

Journey of a participant

We created a 2-week cohort-based bootcamp program for participants. The first cohort ran from March 28 to April 7, while the second ran from April 17 to May 5. Running cohort-based programs helps participants complete our structured process together and engage with mentors. 

The journey of an applicant is as follows:

  • Accepted applicants get access to our free content creator course. The course covers topics from fundamentals of instruction design, creating written tutorials, Creating video tutorials, publishing and distributing content, and how to use AI for content creation.
  • They create their Open Campus IDs.
  • They join an orientation event that provides a program overview and introduces a Discord server for interaction. 
  • Following the first assignment, participants join a writing workshop covering various topics. 
  • The program concludes with a final assignment demonstrating acquired skills. 
  • Successful participants proceed to an internship phase to gain real-world experience. We launched the bootcamp with an “internship” potential for the most successful graduates at the end, since we know that many people in our community are looking for tangible career opportunities in web3.  

We have received 1,700+ applications in less than 2 months, resulting in 700+ Open Campus ID creation and tens of new technical content.

The graphs show the number of applications and participants who created Open Campus IDs.

The graphs show the number of applications and participants who created Open Campus IDs.

We had participants from 67 different countries!

The Open Campus Internship Program stands out as a truly international event, drawing participants from 67 different countries. This diverse representation of content creators is of paramount importance to Open Campus since it underscores the global reach and impact of our program. Having creators from many different countries makes learning more interesting since they share ideas and work together, bringing in different cultures and ways of thinking.

We address every concern of our students

Our Q&A sessions are a key part of keeping students engaged. Here, they can talk directly to experts from Open Campus and get detailed answers to their questions. This interaction helps them understand how the internship works and what Open Campus is all about. Getting guidance from experts helps students learn better and navigate their learning journey effectively. 

Jake Hughes and Jonathan Cheung from Open Campus & Animoca Brands at Rise In’s Q&A session.

Jake Hughes and Jonathan Cheung from Open Campus & Animoca Brands at Rise In’s Q&A session.

Through workshops and practical experience, students become experts in different parts of content creation like writing and making videos. 

By the end of our program, students have the skills they need to make a real impact in the Web3 space. They're confident and skilled at creating educational content that helps people understand and use Web3 technologies better.

Creating the first content is the hardest part

There are some participants who knew a lot about tech but weren't good at writing. So, we started workshops and mentoring sessions to help them. These workshops are like fun classes where students can learn and practice writing with help from experienced teachers. 

We also encourage students to share what they're doing on social media. This helps them get support and feedback from others in the community. By joining our mentorship program and using our resources, students not only learn about Web3 but also feel more confident showing their work to more people.

These efforts gave fruit in a short time, increasing the likelihood of productive output. We've observed workshops and one-on-one meet-ups not only elevate students' ability but also increase the first project completion rate.

Tweets from our graduates.

Tweets from our graduates.

Results: The best content creators are on the way

Our bootcamp graduates exemplify the impact of the program. They've contributed insightful content to the Web3 ecosystem, showcasing their diverse talents and interests. Their success underscores the value of our approach in fostering skilled content creators.

Here are some examples from the final projects:

What is next?

The successful graduates will have a chance to be hired by Open Campus Accelerator portfolio companies. As Rise In, we also aim to hire graduates as interns to keep creating even better technical content going forward. 

We’re very excited to close the gap of quality technical content creators in the web3 industry!

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