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Zeynep Ekşi

Digital Marketing Specialist

April 22, 2024

Introducing Rise In and Versatus Partnership to Support Developers!

Skilled web3 developers play a crucial role in building the infrastructure of web3 and creating scalable solutions, improving interoperability between different blockchain networks, and enhancing security measures.

While the web3 ecosystem promises decentralization, it cannot be achieved without the contributions of enough skilled blockchain developers. Rise In and Versatus are teaming up to address this challenge.

For a while, the complexity of blockchain technology has made it tough for developers to get in. With not enough blockchain developers, the pace of web3 innovation is slow.

So, what’s the solution? Enter: Versatus!

Versatus has developed LASR (Language-Agnostic Stateless Rollup on Eigenlayer), a game-changing tool. LASR lets developers use familiar programming languages like Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, C, C++, Go, or Rust to write smart contracts and put them on their chosen blockchain. This makes development much simpler.

Rise In proudly partners with Versatus to support LASR's goal of bringing more developers into web3. This partnership will boost web3 development and make it easier for developers to join in, fostering more innovation.

Together, we’ll collaborate to address the needs of over 220,000+ web2 developers on Rise In’s learning platform, simplifying their transition to web3. We’ll work together to create educational resources, activities, and outreach events to let developers know that they can start building in web3 without having to learn completely new coding languages from scratch.

About Versatus:

Versatus is the Universal dApp Engine that goes beyond smart contracts. It helps developers create, deploy, and scale full-stack applications using their favorite programming languages and tools. Their mission is to decentralize the web, giving users back control over their data and online activities.

About Rise In:

Rise In offers free courses, educational programs, and community events worldwide to help developers learn web3 and kickstart their projects and careers. It's part of Patika.dev, with a community spanning 90+ countries and 250,000 developers learning web3. With a focus on regions like India, Turkey, Nigeria, Kenya, Pakistan, and Nepal, Rise In aims to empower developers globally.

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