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Sude Özkan
Digital Marketing Manager
October 16, 2023
Mutlu’s story: How a systems engineer with 10+ years of work experience graduated from our Polkadot Substrate Bootcamp!

We would like to introduce you to Mutlu Hücümen, one of the first developers graduating from our Polkadot Substrate Development Bootcamp. His final project “Web3 Parduscuk Substrate Contract” provides a user-friendly interface to participate in ink!-based applications. The highlight of this project is enabling an unused interface and creating a barter smart contract application. After the successful evaluation of the final project and his outstanding performance throughout the bootcamp, he Mutlu has become one of the promising talents within our community, earning a spot in the Rise In Membership Program.


Let's get to know Mutlu better


Mutlu isn’t an ordinary person for us: With his 10+ years of work experience as a Systems Engineer, he’s one of the most experienced but also the most fun students we had. Having completed his undergraduate education in Electrical Engineering, Electronics, and Automation at Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, Mutlu obtained his Master of Science degree in Information Systems (IS) Engineering. With extensive experience in the field as an information technology professional and electrical engineer, Mutlu currently works as a Senior Information Technology Expert at a company. 


“I’m learning web3 today to prepare for the future!”


Obviously the first question we asked Mutlu was ‘Why choose learning web3, Rust and Polkadot while you already have so much to do?’ The answer is obvious to him: Learning web3 today is preparing himself for the future 5 - 10 years down the line. He says: “I typically build systems in my daily work. My education and primary expertise lie in that domain. But what I've learned about web3 technologies in bootcamps is introducing me to a whole new world. I know that this technology may not influence our lives in the immediate future. But if it does so in 5-10 years down the line, I will be prepared. Plus I really liked Rust and working in the Polkadot ecosystem. That's why I enjoyed the project I  developed in the Polkadot blockchain. It kept me motivated and I never lost my drive to work.”


We asked Mutlu to evaluate the bootcamp process, both the positive and negative aspects:


Mutlu highlights that web3 technologies are emerging technologies and learning web3 is an investment in the future. Therefore, he recommends learners not to chase short-term outcomes.  “People should really focus on the long-term in Rise In bootcamps” he says. So he recommends  the other students to be patient, and use the network they gained in the bootcamp process. 

He also suggested that more comprehensive projects can be developed in bootcamps and provided a few recommendations for improvements in the Rise In bootcamps. As the Rise In community, we are pleased to know him and appreciate his feedback, which helps us continually strengthen our programs!

Mutlu humbly states that his project is simple and expresses a desire and plans to create even better ones. When we asked about his future plans, Mutlu mentions a strong desire to have continue building on Polkadot in the future. He says: “Polkadot has its unique advantages. The distinct features of connections in Polkadot, such as Parachains, Parathreads, and Relay Chain, provides opportunities for working on more specialized tools compared to other networks. According to the nature of blockchain networks, I am inclined to focus my efforts on end-user tools in the financial sector or specialized subtools, and I am dedicating my energy to finding something related to that.” 

Keeping these in mind, he is currently working on a project idea.

Due to his success in the bootcamp process and the final project, Mutlu has been accepted into both the Rise In Membership program and recommended as a strong candidate for the Polkadot Developer Heroes Program. We’re looking forward to seeing him as an influencer in the Polkadot Ecosystem! 

You can find details about both programs through the following links.


Rise In Membership Program:



Polkadot Developer Heroes Program:



To learn more about Mutlu and to get in touch with him, please visit:



To access his final project:


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