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Sude Özkan
Digital Marketing Manager
November 23, 2023
Rise In launches ambassador program: 'Campus Mavens' in India

The Rise In "Campus Mavens" program is designed to empower students to become ambassadors for Rise In within their educational institutions. The primary goal is to raise awareness about web3 in their campus communities, fostering engagement and encouraging students to explore web3 further through Rise In courses and bootcamps. The program serves as an alternative to traditional internships, promoting free education facilitated by our ambassadors.

🎓 Any student in their 1st to 3rd year of college in India is eligible to apply.

⏳ The program spans over 6 months, with participants required to fulfill specific duties for a minimum of 6 months to receive a certificate of recommendation.

➡️ Apply now!

Benefits of being a Campus Maven

Gain Experience and Showcase it on LinkedIn and Your CV

By representing Rise In and web3 on your campus, you'll gain invaluable experience. Presenting this experience on your CV and LinkedIn demonstrates your proactive attitude and sets you apart from your peers. It showcases your ability to execute tasks effectively and your passion for innovation.

Build Reputation in the Web3 World 

Representing Rise In and advocating for web3 helps build your reputation within this rapidly growing ecosystem. The web3 community is relatively small but expanding rapidly. Establishing a solid reputation within this field can significantly impact your career trajectory in the long run.

Hone Leadership, Networking & Other Important Skills 

Taking on the role of an ambassador will allow you to sharpen crucial skills such as leadership, networking, negotiation, influence, and execution. These abilities are immensely valuable for your career as they are essential for achieving remarkable achievements.


Of course, this is a no-brainer. Each ambassador will receive a digital certificate upon reaching specific milestones. This certificate will highlight your accomplishments and skills in a positive manner, similar to a recommendation.

Exclusive Invite to Events 

As you accomplish various milestones during your ambassadorship, you'll receive exclusive invitations to web3 events and mentorship sessions with industry leaders, offering invaluable learning opportunities. 

Fast Track to Exclusive Rise In Membership 

Moreover, achieving these milestones fast-tracks your eligibility for an exclusive Rise In Membership, granting priority access. Rise In members benefit from mentorship, comprehensive support, internship/job opportunities, and resources essential for forging a career in web3.

Social Media Spotlight 

Additionally, your efforts and achievements will be acknowledged on Rise In's social media platforms, elevating your online presence through mentions and spotlights.


Your role as an ambassador will be pivotal in closing the gap between your peers and web3 knowledge, making a tangible impact in your community.

Swag & Rewards 

Moreover, as you achieve specific milestones during your ambassadorship, you'll receive Rise In merchandise and rewards such as Amazon vouchers, acknowledging your accomplishments.

Experience of Building Web3 Communities 

Participating in this program offers you invaluable experience in growing web3 communities, a highly desired skill within the web3 industry that significantly boosts your career opportunities.

Global Peer Group 

Additionally, you'll gain the enriching experience of being part of a global network of Rise In ambassadors from various campuses worldwide. This network allows you to exchange experiences and knowledge, collaborate on projects, and forge lifelong connections. 

What Will the Campus Maven Do? 

Promotion & Advocacy 

As a campus ambassador, you'll serve as the primary representative of Rise In on your campus, acting as the go-to person for all things related to Rise In. Your role involves promoting our programs, workshops, and initiatives among both your peers and faculty.

Content Creation 

You'll be responsible for creating and sharing content about Rise In's activities, including new initiatives and success stories. This content will be distributed across your personal and campus social media platforms, which may include WhatsApp, Telegram, emails, and other relevant channels.

Peer Training & Guidance 

Your role extends to aiding your peers in comprehending the advantages of web3, addressing their questions, and directing them to Rise In resources. You'll play a pivotal role in facilitating their understanding and navigation of these resources.

Take the Transition to Web3 Course 

Your first step will be completing our Transition to web3 course, which will provide you with a fundamental understanding of the web3 landscape. This knowledge will prepare you to assist your peers and advocate for web3 within your campus. Upon completion, you'll receive a special certificate from Rise In.

Community Expansion 

Your role involves identifying and seizing opportunities to attract talent to Rise In by engaging with campus clubs, communities, events, and tech circles. You'll play a vital role in expanding our community.

Feedback Loop 

As a liaison between your college peers and Rise In, you'll ensure a smooth flow of communication. It's essential to relay any feedback, trends, or insights from your peers to Rise In. This information will aid us in enhancing and refining our offerings for students.

Stay Updated 

It's crucial to stay updated with Rise In's latest initiatives, programs, and news. This knowledge will enable you to effectively communicate these updates to your fellow peers in college.

Engage and Collaborate 

You'll actively collaborate with other campus ambassadors from Rise In to exchange best practices, share insights, and collaborate on inter-college initiatives. This collective effort ensures a stronger network and shared learning. 

Organize Events 

Your role involves planning, coordinating, and hosting Rise In-related events, workshops, and seminars on your campus. These events will be conducted periodically, both in offline and online formats. You'll take charge to ensure these events are successful on your campus.

Gain Real-World Experience

Contribute to impactful projects, not just side projects that never come to fruition. Engage in building projects and apply for grants.

How to become a Campus Maven? 

Any student in their 1st to 3rd year of college in India is eligible to apply! 🥳

➡️ Apply here!

Next steps after application: 

Step 1: Shortlisted candidates would be contacted to schedule interviews within 1 week of submitting their application.

Step 2: After interviews, candidates will hear back from us in 3 days about our decision to accept / reject their applications.

Step 3: Shortlisted candidates after interviews will be given a few tasks to show their capabilities.

Step 4: Candidates who are able to finish the allocated tasks in 1 week will be on-boarded into the "Rise In Campus Maven" program.

Step 5: We will start training and task allocation to each Campus Maven to make sure they succeed.

We look forward to having you as part of our community!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to [email protected].

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