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Sude Özkan
Digital Marketing Manager
November 9, 2023
Team SEEMA's victory shines at Rise In's DTU Blockchain and Web3 Hackathon
Join Team SEEMA on their journey to bring light to homes across India with innovative energy solutions.


Delhi Technical University (DTU) halls were full of creativity and innovation as eight determined teams gathered for a hackathon organized by Rise In, a platform dedicated to Blockchain and Web3 education. Among these brilliant minds, one team emerged as the victor with a project that promised to address a pressing issue in India. In this blog, we explore the winning team, Team SEEMA, their innovative project, and the insights shared by the team members.

Project SEEMA: Illuminating a Brighter Future

Team SEEMA stands for Solar Energy Equity Management Application. The project aims to address India's pressing issue of unequal electricity distribution. With a staggering 20 million homes still lacking access to power, SEEMA bridges this gap. It achieves this by connecting surplus energy producers with those in need and employing a unique token-based system to make electricity affordable and available to everyone. The core of SEEMA lies in promoting fair energy trading, resulting in more efficient and equitable electricity distribution. 

Meet Team SEEMA

Team SEEMA includes four talented individuals, each with a specific role and expertise:

  • Prithvi: As the front-end developer, he utilizes Flutter to craft visually appealing user interfaces.
  • Arin: The backend developer, Arin, plays a crucial role in handling the intricate backend components of SEEMA.
  • Shrishti and Prachi: The dynamic duo of designers on the team, Sishi and Prachi, create captivating visuals that enhance the project's overall appeal.
  • Pranav: ​​He is the creative force behind the project and the person in charge of developing the smart contracts that will be used to conceive and carry out ideas.

The Inspiration for Web3 and Solving Real-World Problems

The ability of Web3 technology to produce a more decentralized, transparent, and equitable Internet served as the driving force behind Team SEEMA's decision to enter the field. Their specific interest lies in using Web3 to address real-world problems, such as making solar energy more accessible. They believe that Web3 has the power to change the world for the better, and they are excited to be part of this transformative journey.

Overcoming Technical Challenges

Building SEEMA was a difficult process. The team faced significant technical challenges, particularly when implementing blockchain technology on the Polygon Network. This project required careful integration and obedience to SEEMA's particular goals. 

Valuable Lessons Gained

Team SEEMA's project offered them valuable lessons:

  • The front-end developer, Prithvi, gained a profound understanding of teamwork and how to manage a team effectively.
  • The backend developer, Arin, learned how to integrate blockchain and execute smart contracts seamlessly.
  • The designers, Shrishti and Prachi, developed a keen insight into solar energy, enhancing their practical knowledge in the field.
  • Smart contract developer Pranav deepened their understanding of tokenomics and learned about various financial strategies to attract investors and leaders.

Advice for Aspiring Web3 Innovators

Team SEEMA offered advice for those aspiring to undertake similar Web3 projects. They stressed the importance of identifying real-world problems to solve, building a strong team with diverse skills and experience, and maintaining patience and persistence throughout the project's journey. 


Team SEEMA's victorious journey at the Rise In hackathon exemplifies the power of innovation and technology to address pressing societal issues. With its focus on equitable energy distribution, SEEMA has the potential to transform the lives of millions in India. We celebrate the team's well-deserved win and look forward to more groundbreaking projects from them in the future. Their story is a testament to the impact that the Web3 space can have on solving real-world problems and building a more equitable future.

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories from the world of technology, innovation, and creativity right here at Rise In.

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