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24 June 2024

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22 June 2024

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Welcome to Bridge to Turbin3!
This 2-week program is a prep program that will help you learn everything you need to join the upcoming Turbin3 Programs. 🚀

Why join?

✨The graduates of this program will be accepted to Turbin3. Turbin3 is one of the best and most intensive Solana Developer bootcamps. 80% of Turbin3 graduates find a job in the Solana ecosystem or win a global hackathon!
🎫 Receive a special Rise In certificate.
💪 Have a strong grasp of Rust, Typescript, and Solana ecosystem.

What will you find here?

💡 2-week online + instructor-led training about understanding of Solana, Typescript and Rust.
⛓ Connect with experienced blockchain mentors.
📚 Access to documentation, code samples, and tools to support your learning journey.
🔥 Submit a final project to join the Turbin3 program.

What will happen when you apply?

✅ Fill out the Assessment Form.
✍ Solve a short Javascript and Typescript skills assessment test.
🎙  Tell us about any project you have developed before (Optional).
📧 If you’re accepted based on these, you’ll receive an invitation for the kick-off meeting, where you’ll receive the essential details about the program to start your learning journey.

And hey, just so you know, the program is FREE and completely ONLINE! Let's explore and shape your career in exciting new directions together! 🚀

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