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20 November 2023

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Join the Internet Computer Rust Bootcamp for an immersive learning experience, where you'll build a strong foundation in blockchain technology and the Rust programming language. ๐Ÿ“š

What is this program?

  1. This is a 2-week online, cohort-based bootcamp
  2. You will learn how to build smart contracts with Rust
  3. It is completely FREE. This program is sponsored by Internet Computer
  4. Earn a special Rise In certificate and build a Web3 project portfolio. ๐ŸŒŸ๐Ÿ’ผ๐Ÿš€
  5. Get closer to becoming a global Web3 developer (Avg. $133k salary for Blockchain Developers)

What is Internet Computer?

  1. The Internet Computer is a blockchain that enables developers, organizations, and entrepreneurs to build and deploy secure, autonomous, and tamper-proof canisters, an evolution of smart contracts.

Who is this program for?

  1. Experienced Developers: If you are developer with 1+ years of experience and looking to improve your skills in building smart contracts with Rust on the Internet Computer blockchain, this program is for you. ๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ’ป
  2. Web3 Enthusiasts: If you're interested in emerging technologies like blockchain and want to explore Rust, this bootcamp is a great fit.

What will you get in this program?

  1. Comprehensive Learning: The Internet Computer Rust Bootcamp offers a detailed curriculum to help you understand blockchain concepts and master Rust programming. You can check the Curriculum section for details.
  2. Hands-On Experience: You'll gain practical skills by building and deploying decentralized applications on the Internet Computer.
  3. Technical Mentorship: Connect with experienced blockchain mentors for guidance and insights.
  4. Networking: Picture a space where you can easily connect with fellow developers and blockchain enthusiasts in a friendly, collaborative atmosphere.๐ŸŒ
  5. Access to Resources: Gain access to documentation, code samples, and tools to support your learning journey.

What will you gain at the end of this program?

  1. Blockchain Proficiency: You'll have a strong understanding of blockchain technology and the ability to work with the Internet Computer platform.
  2. Rust Programming Skills: Learn Rust, a powerful and efficient programming language, opening up opportunities in various tech domains.
  3. Projects: You'll have hands-on experience creating and deploying decentralized applications on the Internet Computer.
  4. Certificate: You will receive a special Rise In certificate in partnership with Internet Computer, recognizing your achievement in Internet Computer development.
  5. A Path to the Future: Position yourself at the forefront of the internet's evolution and be ready to contribute to the decentralized web.
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