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22 October 2023

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Welcome to the BNB Chain Development Bootcamp! 🌟Here you’ll dive into the world of BNB Chain and learn how to create your own decentralized applications.

We'll start with the fundamentals, exploring the EVM model and BNB Chain works. 

Next up, we'll deep dive into Solidity, the heart of smart contract development on BNB Chain. Get hands-on experience with Remix IDE and learn about creating contracts, variables, functions, control structures, mappings, structs, and much more! 💪

Finally you'll start building smart contracts and dApps on BNB Chain! 🛠️

September Competition: Submit your project by October 31 and have a chance to win 🤑 from the total award pool of $2,500:

  1. First 10 project submissions meeting the project criteria will receive $50

  2. The winner of the competition will receive $1,000

  3. The second-place contestant will receive $600

  4. The third-place contestant will receive $400.

  5. Priority spot at  program for anyone who fulfills the submission criteria

Eligible cohorts: Cohort 1, 2, 3, and 4 

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