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Soroban Accelerated Bootcamp in India


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29 July 2024

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The Soroban Accelerated Bootcamp in India, created in partnership with the Stellar Development Foundation, brings web3 adoption across India. In this program you’ll learn Rust and Soroban (the smart contract platform on Stellar) and build your first project on Stellar! 🚀

What you’ll find here 🤩

  • There will be a series of 1-week long accelerated bootcamps. The bootcamp will be online; but at the end of each bootcamp, there will be a hands-on coding session (online or IRL) where you will complete your final project.💻

  • You will gain a comprehensive understanding of Soroban and Stellar, and learn how to build real-world web3 projects.

  • You will have a chance to win a $50 award if your project complies with specific requirements

  • You will receive a special Rise In Stellar certificate. 🪪

  • You will get a chance to join the Rise In web3 Membership program - a free program to support our alumni in building long-term careers in web3. 🎟️

What happens when you apply?

  • You’ll see a welcome page and an assessment form. There will be a lot of bootcamps, both online and IRL (IRL bootcamps will take place at mostly universities in several cities). In the assessment form, select which location you’d like to join from. 

  • You’ll then see the pre-work. Complete it to get accepted. 

  • When you’re accepted, we’ll invite you to our Discord channel within 3 days. 

  • Based on your choice of location, you’ll start the bootcamp! 🎉

Join us if:

  • You have previous coding experience, 

  • You are excited about web3 and decentralization.

We will be hosting more workshops as IRL/Online, stay tuned!

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