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Soroban Build-A-Thon Hackathon


Eccosphere Coworking Noida, Delhi

Application deadline

19 May 2024

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Welcome to Soroban Build-A-Thon Hackathon for web3 developers who are excited to build using Soroban (SDF's Smart contract platform)! We're thrilled to empower the Indian web3 community with this opportunity to create amazing DApps on Stellar and participate in this hackathon.

๐Ÿ“Œย Event Scheduleย ย 
18th May, 2024
Eccosphere Coworking Noida, Delhi
12ย Hours Hackathon

๐Ÿคฉย What should you expect?

  • Each full-stack dApp built using the Soroban SDK will receive $50.

  • The best project built on hackathon day will win a prize of $500.

  • The top 10 teams will have the chance to get fast track access to Stellar Community Fund's Startup Camp.ย At Startup Camp, participants can receive guidance on creating appealing applications for Stellar Community Fund Awards, where selected projects can receive up to $100K in funding at a time.

  • The winner and the three best innovative projects will also get priority access to win a trip the US to attend the Consensus Hackathon or to the Meridien Hackathon in London and compete for even bigger Hackathon prizes (approximately $10,000).

  • Swag for every valid submission along with a certificate.

โŒ›ย Application process:

  • You will encounter a welcome page, an assessment form, and pre-works.

  • Completing the pre-works is necessary for acceptance.

  • Once accepted, you will receive an invitation to our hackathon event.

  • If you participate in the hackathon as a team, you must submit your team and members' names in the "For the Team Leaders" section.

  • A team can have a maximum of 3 team members. If you're applying as a solo team member we will help you match with other individual applicants to help create a team.

๐Ÿ‘‡ Join us if:

  • You have previous coding experience.

  • You have junior or mid-level Rust knowledge.

  • You are excited about web3 and decentralization.

Join us for the "Soroban Build-A-Thon Hackathon" and be a part of this exciting journey!ย ๐Ÿš€

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