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In this final project, you will be adding a freeze function to the token contract that we learned during the course. This feature allows a given token holder to freeze and later unfreeze their tokens. Frozen tokens cannot be transferred by the holder.

Note: These features must be added to the contract.rs file.


  • Add two new functions to the token contract, freeze_account and unfreeze_account. Both functions must take an account address.
  • The freeze_account function should freeze the tokens of the specified account. This temporarily prevents the transfer of tokens for a given account.
  • The unfreeze_account function should unfreeze the tokens of the specified account. This re-enables the transfer of tokens of a given account.
  • Update the transfer function to reject a transfer if an account's tokens are frozen.


  • Submit your project to Stellar testnet and mention your contract address in your readme.md file
  • Provide a README file describing how the project works and any new functionality added.


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