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Build on BNB Chain - Course 2 | Solidity for BNB Chain Development

Task: Decentralized Marketplace Smart Contract System

Your task is to create a decentralized marketplace using Solidity. The system should enable users to list, buy, and sell items in a secure and transparent manner.


1. Item Management:

   - Creating a Contract: Utilize Solidity to create a contract that manages the listing of items.

   - Types and Variables: Define various types such as Boolean, Address, Integers, String, and Bytes to represent item attributes.

   - Structs: Use structs to define an item with attributes like name, description, price, and quantity.

   - Mappings: Implement mappings to manage the relationship between sellers and their listed items.

2. User Interaction:

   - Functions: Create functions to allow users to list, edit, and delete items.

   - Modifiers: Implement modifiers to ensure that only the owner of an item can edit or delete it.

   - Events: Utilize events to notify users of significant actions like a successful purchase or listing of an item.

   - Errors: Implement error handling to manage invalid inputs, such as purchasing an out-of-stock item.

3. Transaction Management:

   - Constructor: Utilize a constructor to initialize key contract parameters.

   - Control Structures: Implement control structures to manage the logic of buying and selling.

   - (Optional) Interfaces and Interacting Contracts: Allow interaction with other contracts, such as a payment gateway.

   - (Optional) Call and Interacting Contracts: Enable calling functions from other contracts.

4. Inheritance and Data Locations:

   - Inheritance: Utilize inheritance to create a hierarchy of contracts, if needed.

   - Data Locations: Understand and apply the concepts of storage, memory, and stack within the contract.

5. Reporting:

   - (Optional) Libraries: Utilize libraries to generate reports showing the marketplace's sales, purchase history, and inventory.

6. Security:

   - Implement basic security measures, such as authentication, to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive functions.

7. (Optional) User Interface:

   - Design a clear and intuitive text-based user interface for easy navigation and task performance.


You should submit your project in a GitHub repository, including detailed documentation on how to deploy and interact with the contract, as well as a README file with instructions for building and running the system. Please include a comprehensive suite of test cases to demonstrate the correctness of your code.

Good luck, and enjoy building your Decentralized Marketplace Smart Contract System with Solidity!


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