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Transition to Web3 - Course 4 | Web3 Fundamentals

This is a thought exercise. In this final task, you are going to identify and analyze a web3 use case that interests you. You can either choose an existing web3 application or service that you have used or learned about, or you can imagine a new one that you would like to see or create. The use case should demonstrate how web3 can solve a real-world problem or create a new opportunity that is not possible or feasible with web2.

Your analysis should follow the outline below:

  • Introduction: Introduce your web3 use case and explain what it is and how it works. You should also state your main purpose and motivation for choosing or creating this use case.
  • Problem or Opportunity: Describe the problem or opportunity that your web3 use case addresses. You should also mention the current web2 solutions or alternatives and their limitations or drawbacks.
  • Solution or Innovation: Describe how your web3 use case solves the problem or creates the opportunity. You should also explain how your web3 use case utilizes the benefits of decentralization, such as security, transparency, privacy, or efficiency. You should also mention what technologies or platforms your web3 use case relies on, such as blockchain, smart contracts, IPFS, etc.
  • Impact or Value: Describe the impact or value that your web3 use case provides to the users or stakeholders. You should also define the criteria or metrics that you will use to measure the success or impact of your web3 use case. You should also mention any challenges or risks that your web3 use case faces or may face in the future.

For the submission, you should create a Google Document and share its link below. Make sure that it is accessible publicly.

We’ll regularly evaluate these ideas and get in touch with the best ones to publish them and inspire others 🤩


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