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Bootcamps for Developers

If you’re a developer and want to build in web3, these bootcamps are for you: You’ll start learning with other developers, complete a final project, and get a chance to become a Rise In web3 member.

Structured curriculum

An easy-to-follow pathway that will get you to focus on learning the next best topic to progress in web3.

Unique web3 content

It is almost impossible to find courses in most topics in web3. We develop our own unique content for those areas.

International community

Meet people from 40+ countries and join the global community building the web3.

Support team dedicated to your success

You are not alone. Our team will follow your progress and support you with any problems you encounter.

Learn by building projects

What you can build matters more than what you watch. Here we will focus the entire training to prepare you to build your dream project.

Enter new web3 ecosystems

Most of our programs are sponsored by top web3 partners. You will get unique pathways to rise in those top ecosystems.

Build projects on specific chains

Dive deep in one of the primary ecosystems in web3 and deploy your ambitious project

Thapar Hack4Sustainability Hackathon

100% free · Online · Cohort-based · Intermediate ·

1 week


Move on Sui Bootcamp

100% free · Online · Cohort-based · Intermediate ·

5 weeks

Unlock the art of Move on Sui: Learn and use this unique language

Internet Computer Internship Bootcamp

100% free · Online · Cohort-based · Intermediate ·

4 weeks

Improve yourself and get a chance to land an internship at Internet Computer!

Solana Bootcamp

100% free · Online · Cohort-based · Intermediate ·

2 weeks

Learn the fundamentals of Rust and build on Solana!

Where do I even start?

When people try to learn web3, they get overwhelmed with resources each taking them to different directions. We designed the best ‘no BS’ introductory bootcamp in the industry for anyone interested in learning web3 and pursuing the career opportunities in it. Join our signature bootcamp for free:

Cohort 3 will start on December 5
Bootcamps / Signature
Transition to Web3 Bootcamp

Online  · Cohort-based · Beginner level · 2 weeks

What is web3, what it can and can’t do, and how it’s used by the industry. Conclude with a project and become a Rise In web3 member!

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100% free
Online Courses

Choose from online courses with new additions published every month. These courses are designed for you to complete them by at your own pace.

Your next step
Rise In Web3 Membership

When you graduate from the bootcamps or complete a course with a final project, you’ll be invited for an interview to become a Rise in Web3 Member. The membership unlocks jobs, bounties, grants, and venture support in web3.

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