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Gülcan Yayla
Co-Founder, CEO
March 6, 2024
Announcing Soroban Developer Education Program in India with Stellar x Rise In!

Rise In, in collaboration with the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF), is thrilled to announce the launch of the first-ever Soroban Developer Education Program in India 🇮🇳. This hands-on program aims to engage 3,000+ developers with the skills and knowledge to harness the full potential of Soroban, the smart contract platform on Stellar.

For the past few months, we have been thinking about onboarding developers to build on Soroban with Anuhya, Developer Advocate at Stellar Development Foundation. The wait is finally over and we are excited to launch our program in India. Developers with groundbreaking projects would also be eligible to apply for funding from  SDF's programs, like the Stellar Community Fund.

What will developers find in the program?

💻Developers will be able to enroll in our free courses and accelerated bootcamp to start learning the fundamentals of Stellar, Soroban, and how to build open-source projects. We expect to see at least 3,000 developers enrolling in the program.

🤜🤛Developers who are interested in building projects together will be able to apply for the accelerated bootcamp and attend our in-person workshops and events across India. We’ll select developers for these workshops based on their progress in the course and previous knowledge. They’ll be able to meet with our mentors, build a network, and learn and deploy open-source projects on Soroban together. Of course, it’ll also be fun! Surprise awards from Rise In, friendly competition, and a great web3 community are waiting for them. Our goal is to invite at least 200 developers to these in-person workshops and events.

What is next for graduates?

The excitement doesn’t end here. After learning how to build on Soroban, graduates can submit their projects and apply for funding from SDF programs like the Stellar Community Fund, an open-application awards program which has already awarded tens of millions worth of XLM through 24 rounds to projects building on Stellar and Soroban. Participants in the program can take advantage of:

  • Meeting with the Stellar Development Foundation team, presenting their projects, and expanding their networks.
  • Joining Rise In Web3 Membership program - a free program to support our alumni in building long-term careers in web3. We’ll evaluate the final projects of the graduates and accordingly invite them to interviews to understand their aspirations and how we can best help them find jobs/internships/grants in web3.

Let's embark on a stellar journey together! Dive into the Soroban accelerated bootcamp and explore the limitless possibilities of smart contracts on Stellar. Enroll here today and begin your journey!

About Soroban:

​​Soroban represents the next leap in smart contract platforms—designed from the ground up to be sensible, scalable, and supremely developer-friendly. While it seamlessly integrates with Stellar, enhancing the capabilities of both platforms, Soroban stands independent. ​It's an open invitation to developers from any background—whether you're working with other blockchains, layer-2 solutions, or permissioned ledgers—to explore its potential and build innovative applications.

About Stellar Development Foundation:

The Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) is a non-profit organization focused on working with and supporting changemakers to create equitable access to the global financial system through blockchain technology. SDF provides grants, investments, funding, and other awards to builders and organizations. SDF also develops resources and tooling on the Stellar network to help unlock real world utility. As a nonprofit foundation, SDF puts the health of the Stellar network and the Stellar ecosystem and its mission above all else.

About Rise In

Rise In provides free courses, educational programs, and community events for developers around the world to learn web3 and start building projects and careers. It is the vertical web3-focused educational arm of Patika.dev, with a community from 90+ countries and 250,000 developers learning web3 on the platform. The largest developer communities of Rise In are in India, Turkey, U.S., and Nigeria.

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