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Sude Özkan
Digital Marketing Manager
September 14, 2023
From iOS to Web3: Melike Bolen’s Transformative Journey with Rise In's Internet Computer Rust Bootcamp
Melike Bolen, an iOS developer, entered the Web3 through the ICP Bootcamp, a special program for women organized by Internet Computer and Rise In.

In today's fast-paced tech world, being adaptable is a must, and Melike Bolen knows it firsthand. Melike, a successful iOS developer and a graduate of Management Science from Sakarya University, has always had a thing for technology. Recently, she took a thrilling leap into the universe of Web3, and her starting point was Rise In's Internet Computer Rust Bootcamp – the first of its kind tailored for women.

Driven by Curiosity

"I was very interested in computer science growing up, and Web3 has been on my radar since it hit mainstream conversations," Melike states. However, it wasn't until she came across Rise In's specialized bootcamp that she found her starting point. "The moment I saw the bootcamp, I applied immediately. It felt like the perfect opportunity to combine my existing knowledge with something entirely new."

A Unique Learning Experience

What made this bootcamp even more appealing to Melike was its affordability and accessibility. "Education should be accessible to everyone," she firmly believes. Rise In & Internet Computer's decision to offer the course for free reflects Web3's values – an inclusive space where gender or financial status don't matter.

Community and Connectivity

One of Melike's favorite aspects of the bootcamp is the sense of community it fosters. "You have a platform where you can ask anything on your mind, and there's always someone who has an answer," she says. Her introduction to Discord, initially a challenge due to its unfamiliar interface, has now become a continuous source of support and networking. "I'm on Discord all the time now; it makes me feel accountable to my teammates and empowered when I can help others."

Turning Knowledge into Real-World Solutions

Melike isn’t all about theories; she’s more interested in how technology can solve real-world problems. "Internet Computer Rust Bootcamp has given me the courage to tackle projects I had only dreamt of," she reveals. Previously, she had an idea for a blockchain-based walking app but lacked the know-how to proceed. "Now, with this training, I feel confident to bring my ideas to fruition."

Rust: Better Than Expected

Despite her broad spectrum of programming skills, Melike admits she's fallen for Rust. "It’s powerful and much easier to learn than I anticipated," she says, highlighting how the bootcamp's hands-on approach has made the learning curve more manageable. "I don't just follow the course; I try to build something of my own side by side."

The Future is Wide Open

As for her future, Melike is optimistic. "I see this as the common ground where I can collaborate with my brother, who's a game developer," she shares. She is already working on several self-development and health-focused apps, aiming to blend her two passions: technology and personal growth. "Eventually, I’d like to have my own company, and Web3 will definitely be a part of that journey."

Melike Bolen's story is a perfect illustration of what happens when passion meets opportunity. Her journey through Rise In's bootcamp has not only equipped her with a new set of skills but also broadened her perspective on what's possible in the realm of Web3. She stands as an inspiration, proving that with the right resources and community, the sky is the limit! 🚀

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