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This document assumes you have installed MetaMask and opened up a wallet already. If not you can see detailed documentation about how to do so from here.

Adding Spicy Testnet to MetaMask

At the top of the MetaMask panel, you can see which network you are connected to, which is actually a dropdown containing the networks you can switch to. Click on the dropdown menu to expand. Select Add Network

Then you need to select Add network manually and fill in the inputs with the following values.

Network Name: Chiliz Spicy Testnet

RPC HTTP (New RPC URL): https://spicy-rpc.chiliz.com/

RPC Websocket: https://spicy-rpc-ws.chiliz.com/

Chain ID: 88882

Currency Symbol: CHZ

Spicy Block Explorer URL: http://spicy-explorer.chiliz.com/

Getting Tokens from the Faucet

  • Go to your MetaMask Wallet and copy your wallet address to the clipboard.
  • Create a tweet with your wallet address in it.
  • Go to the Spicy Faucet page and paste the link to the tweet in the address field.
  • Validate your request for testCHZs by clicking on the "Give me CHZ" button, and selecting "2 CHZs" from the dropdown menu. On the right, you can select and get Fan tokens as well.
  • After a successful transfer of testCHZs, a pop-up message will be displayed based on the result.
  • Finally, you can validate the tokens from your metamask account. Yet the fan tokens will not be visible unless you import them. Therefore, you need to click Import tokens at the bottom and use token contract addresses from here.
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