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Build on Chiliz

In this task, you will be creating a decentralized application of your choosing. While we've provided sources for token gating and NFT marketplace implementations, we're eager to see what you can bring to the table. 

Note: Since we haven’t covered smart contract implementation in CHZ, feel free to use any contract provided by Thirdweb. Just like our course materials, we are looking for a front-end-oriented application.

Step 1: Choose which technologies will be used

In the course content, we have covered Moralis for working with CHZ and Thirdweb for deploying smart contracts on CHZ and interacting with those contracts. In your final project, you can choose either of these technologies, but Thirdweb is recommended since it also provides smart contracts for us to use.

Step 2: Choose which template to use

In either case (Moralis or Thirdweb), feel free to use the templates we have provided. Those templates will save time for you since you will not be creating a project from scratch. If you choose to implement a project with Moralis, you can the template from project1 (Virtual Meet), similarly for Thirdweb you can start with the template from project2 (NFT Marketplace).

Step 3: Start Implementing

From here, we are looking for your creativity. There is no specific use case we are looking for in this task, you can create any decentralized application of your choosing using Thirdweb or Moralis. 

The only requirement for this task is a comprehensive README, containing details about the application and instructions on how to run it.


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