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The goal of this homework is to create your own understanding on zero knowledge proof.

This homework has 3 parts.

Part 1: Create Your Own Analogy

In the first part of the homework, you will create your own analogy about ZKP. It must be different from what was used in the previous lesson. Do not forget, the essence of ZKP is to prove something that we know without revealing our hand.

Part 2: Identify A Problem

In the second part of the homework, you will identify a problem in real life. Using ZKP should be helpful for this problem. It can be a problem that has not been solved yet, or it can be a problem which already has a solution but can be solved better with ZKP. This problem does not have to be related to blockchain or it does not have to be a technical problem, it can be whatever you want.

Part 3: Integrating ZKP

In the third and last part of the homework you will explain how ZKP can be used to solve this problem. It does not have to be a very detailed explanation but it should clearly explain how ZKP is used to solve this problem or improve on the solution of this problem.

Coming up with your own analogies and looking for use cases is crucial to develop an understanding on the subject. I believe at the end of this homework you will have a much better understanding on how ZKP works, why we have it and where it can be used.

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