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Build on Stellar

Freighter is a browser extension wallet provided by the Stellar Development Foundation. We will need it to interact with Soroban tokens.

Step by step Creation

First, you need to install browser extension of Freighter.

After the installation click to extension and open it, then you can create an account by clicking Create Wallet.

Then you need to create a password and click confirm.

The next step is, saving our Secret Recovery phrase (words).

A tip: Having this "Secret Recovery Phrase" means you have all permissions on your account, so you need to ensure it is kept safe.

Now, you will need to enter your words one by one, following the order provided on the last page.

After confirming you should reopen extension and enter Settings > Network

And click “Add Custom Network”

And setup this custom network with this values:

Horizon RPC URL: https://horizon-futurenet.stellar.org

Soroban RPC URL: https://rpc-futurenet.stellar.org:443

Passphrase: Test SDF Future Network ; October 2022

Friendbot URL: https://friendbot-futurenet.stellar.org/

Now you need to change the selected network to Futurenet.

Enabling Soroban Tokens:

Now we will enable Soroban tokens, to do this you can click to Manage Assets

After clicking Manage Assets, maybe you need to enter your password. After that you will click Add Soroban Token.

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