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In his final project, you will create a simple token exchange mechanism on the Stellar network. This project will involve issuing a custom token and setting up basic trading functionality between your custom token and Stellar Lumens (XLM).


  • Issue a Custom Token: Create a new token (asset) on the Stellar test network.
  • Trade Functionality: Implement a simple mechanism for exchanging your custom token with XLM.
  • Error Handling: Ensure all transactions are authorized and handle potential errors, such as insufficient funds, with appropriate responses.
  • Code Comments: Add comments to explain each code block.


  • Stellar Testnet Account: Set up a testnet account on the Stellar network.
  • Custom Token: Issue your custom token with a defined name and supply.
  • Exchange Mechanism: Write Stellar transactions or operations that allow users to send your custom token and receive XLM, and vice versa.
  • Documentation: Provide a README file explaining how to issue the token, how the exchange mechanism works, and examples of exchanging tokens.


  • Submit your Stellar account public key, custom token details, and the exchange mechanism instructions.
  • Include a README with setup and usage instructions.


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