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Solidity Fundamentals

In the previous lesson, you saw the final version of the contract we created. You also created a similar one with some differences. For an example your proposal also has a title, and you have a different logic for proposal state calculation

  1. Your final task is to make sure that your final version of the contract is fully functioning. 
  2. You should test it using the Remix IDE 
  3. You should also deploy it to one of the blockchain's testnet that is compatible with EVM. The most popular choices in general are Goerli and Rinkby testnets in Ethereum and BNB Chain Testnet other than Ethereum, but again you can deploy in any testnet that uses EVM. 
  4. After the deployment, submit the address of your first smart contract! 
  5. If you haven't already created, create a GitHub repo with your code and submit the link of your repo. 


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