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Solidity Fundamentals

During this course, you will have four different tasks and a final task. In each task we will ask you to make a minor change to the code. It is better if you follow along with the course. You can write the contract while watching me or you can paste the code. Since these tasks are connected, you should finish the prior task before moving to the next one. 

For the first task, create a Github repository. We want you to have a smart contract on your GitHub, right from the beginning 💪

In this task, you will add a new function to our contract.

This will be a query function just like the function that returns the number of the counter but this one will return the description instead.

Every other thing in the contract will stay the same.

After creating your function, you can check if your function works by deploying and testing your contract on the Remix IDE, like we did in the first video.


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