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Open Campus Technical Content Creator Course

In this homework, you're tasked with creating a video version of your written tutorial from the last section. Now that you've crafted a written tutorial on how to claim your Open Campus ID, it's time to bring your tutorial to life through video.

Your Task:

Plan Your Video

Outline the key points of your written tutorial to ensure your video covers all necessary steps. Think about visual aids or screencasts you might include to illustrate the process more clearly.

Engage from the Start

Remember the importance of an engaging introduction. Use your video to make a compelling case for why claiming their Open Campus ID is crucial for new users, just as you did in your written tutorial.

Reflect Your Unique Style

Let your personality shine through your video. Whether you're explaining steps, sharing insights, or highlighting common issues, maintain the unique voice that sets your tutorial apart.

Keep It Clear and Concise

While videos offer more room for creative expression, clarity and brevity are still key. Aim to deliver your content in an easily digestible format that viewers can follow and apply.


  • Your video must be original and created by you. You can use tools and software to assist with editing and production but ensure the content is your own.
  • Record your video on Loom. Then, submit the link to your video using the input box below.


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