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Open Campus Technical Content Creator Course

Congratulations on making it this far in the course! For your final project, we ask you to create an educational piece on a topic of your choosing related to web3. This can be a written or video tutorial on any aspect that is related to Web3. When publishing your work, please use Medium for written tutorials and YouTube for video tutorials.

What You Need to Do:

Choose a Topic

Start by selecting a topic related to web3 you wish to explore. This could be about smart contracts, dApp development, blockchain security, Web3 UX design, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, DAOs, or any emerging technology. Ensure the topic is engaging and educational for learners.

Content Planning

Plan your tutorial on the chosen topic to add value to your target audience. If it's a written piece, structure it with a title, subtitles, introduction, main content, and conclusion. For a video tutorial, plan your script, visual and auditory presentations. Ensure your tutorial is structured in a way that progressively explains the topic using clear and accessible language.

Make Use Of AI

Don’t be afraid to use AI! You can ask AI questions about your content plan or the content that you’ve just created. Let AI revise your content, correct your grammar and give you directions. If your content is written content, make sure to use an AI detection tool to humanize your content. If an article is written entirely by AI, the audience will know.

Create the Content

Produce your content in the chosen format (written or video). Use Medium for written pieces and YouTube for video content, making your tutorial as accessible and understandable as possible. Enrich your content with visuals, code snippets, diagrams, or further explanations as needed.

Publish Your Content

Publish your tutorial on the appropriate platform (Medium or YouTube). After publication, share your content on social media, relevant communities, and forums related to Web3 to reach a broader audience. You can submit your tutorial’s link using the input box below.

You can watch these two examples if you plan on creating a video tutorial:

1- The Architecture of a dApp

2- Web3 Limitations and Challenges


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