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Open Campus Technical Content Creator Course

In this example, we want you to watch and analyze a tutorial. Having covered the essentials of what makes a compelling video tutorial, it's now time to apply this knowledge by examining a specific video tutorial example provided below.

Content Example:

Web1 and Web2

Your Task:

  • Watch the Tutorial

Start by watching the video tutorial through the link provided. While viewing, pay special attention to how the tutorial is structured, the delivery of the content, and the overall presentation style.

  • Evaluate Based on What You've Learned
  1. Evaluate how effectively the video engages you from the beginning. Does it have a hook that grabs your attention?
  2. Assess the clarity of the explanations and the logical flow of the content. Consider whether the information is presented in an easily digestible manner.
  3. Reflect on the presenter's voice and style. How do these aspects contribute to or detract from the overall effectiveness of the tutorial?
  4. Analyze the uniqueness and creativity of the tutorial. What aspects make it stand out from other tutorials on similar topics?
  • Share Your Analysis

Provide a reflective analysis of the video tutorial based on your evaluation. Highlight what you believe are its strengths and weaknesses, considering the key points you've learned about creating engaging and informative tutorials. You can submit your reflection as a Google Docs public link using the input box below.


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