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Build on-chain with Circle and USDC

Although getting USDC using Turkish Lira and ZKP2P is really easy, certain conditions must be met beforehand. In this tutorial, MetaMask wallet extension will be used. You can download the extension from MetaMask website.

Getting Ether to Metamask on Base

For swapping USDC with Turkish Lira, you will need to have some Ether for gas fees. There are several ways to do it.

Option 1

You can directly purchase some Ether from Metamask using your credit/debit card or your bank account.

  • Make sure your network is Ethereum Mainnet and click on the Buy button on the Metamask extension.


  • Then, put the amount you like on the page that will be opened for you.


  • After putting in the amount, follow the instructions.

This is one of the easiest ways to acquire some Ether but sometimes the commission that you pay can be high (higher if the fee is lower). For that reason you may like to choose the second option.

Option 2

In this option you will need to use a centralized exchange. You can choose whichever is convenient for you but make sure that you can trust the service. You will purchase Ether on the centralized exchange that you choose.

Centralized exchanges may add a minimum transfer limit on wallet transfers. Please be aware of this if you are going to use this option.

Transferring Ether to Base Network

On ZKP2P, you will use Base Network. For that reason, you will not have your Ether on Base Network.

  • If you have chosen option 1 to acquire Ether, that means you have some Ether but it is on the Ethereum Mainnet. You need to bridge that Ether to the Base Network. You can use Metamask for it.


  • Click Bridge on the left panel and you will have this page. Choose Ethereum as “From this network” and Base as “To this network”. You will choose ETH as “You send” and ETH as “You receive”.
  • Alternatively, you can use the following website for bridging: Base

If you have selected Option 2 to acquire Ether (using a centralized exchange), then you can directly send your Ether to Base Network on Metamask. circle4

Click on the top left button on the Metamask extension and choose Base Network by scrolling down or searching on the search bar.

If you cannot find the option, connect the wallet on the following site, which will connect your Metamask wallet to the Base Network: ZKP2P circle5

This process of acquiring Ether can be seen as too much of a work but we are doing this just because you need Ether on Base Network for gas fees. Once you have Ether, then you can use it for several swaps.

There are many other ways to acquire Ether, you can choose any of those methods. The only important thing is to have some Ether on the Base Network on the Metamask.

Getting USDC

  • Open the following website: ZKP2P
  • Make sure, USDC and TRY is selected and you have connected your wallet on the top right.


  • Enter the amount of the USDC you want to receive.
  • At the moment, the maximum transferable amount within a 12-hour period is 10 USDC, as this feature is currently in its Alpha phase. However, this limit may vary by the time you read this tutorial.
  • Click on complete registration.


Now, you will need to register your email. This should be the email that you use with Garanti Bank. The application will automatically find emails for you and you will choose one of them to complete the registration process.


  • Choose one of the options that pops up. If no option is popping up but you are sure that you are using the same email, then refresh the page and try again.
  • Here I have three options (you may have a different number of options), and all I need to do is to choose one of them and click validate email button at the bottom.


  • Wait for the validation and click the “Complete Registration” button.


  • Confirm the transaction that pops up on the Metamask. In the following screenshot, near the red arrow, you will see that I have no Ether to pay the gas fee. Near the green arrow, you will see that I need Ether as the amount of 0.13$ which is considerably low.

Be aware that, you may need to pay a little more or less gas fee based on the network congestion. circle11

Now you can finalize your transaction. You will need to confirm the transaction like you did in the last step. After that, you will see your newly acquired USDC on your Metamask wallet.


To sum up, it's easy to get USDC with ZKP2P and Garanti Bank, but you need a few things first: Some Ether on the Base Network and a Garanti Bank Account. You only need to get Ether once, and it can cover gas fees for multiple swaps. On the ZKP2P side, just click a couple of buttons, and you've got your USDC using Garanti Bank and paying in Turkish Liras.




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