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Build on-chain with Circle and USDC

What Circle is?

Circle can be defined as a bridge between conventional finance and the new digital age of blockchain payments. With Circle, developers can create their application in a less complex way compared to the traditional blockchain infrastructure and development. Before going in to understanding how Circle can help developers, let’s look at how Circle is revolutionizing payment systems.

Payments With Circle

With Circle, you can pay 24/7 using 15 different blockchains using USD and EUR without the need to wait for the traditional banking system. Considering the current globalization of the world, this means that you can create services cheaper for your customers without the restriction of traditional banking, location, or certain blockchains.

Circle uses USDC and EURC stablecoins for its payment system. These are tokens backed by real currencies and always have the same price of USD and EUR. Later, we will go deeper into this subject of stablecoins.

Creating Applications With Circle

One of the main benefits of Circle is its simplification of blockchain technology both for the end user and the developer. In general the problem with traditional blockchain systems is the complexity, lack of documentation, lack of support, and its ever changing nature. The answer of Circle for this problem is to create a platform where developers can use the same decentralized system with the support of Circle, in a well documented way. Circle hides the complexity and provides developers easy to use APIs for their application as they are used to. This results in faster and safer production for the developer. Also, the control over the application for the developer becomes much easier so developers can be more confident with their applications.

With Circle, developers can use different web3 services such as:

  • Programmable Wallets: With this feature developers can easily create and manage wallets for their users in a straightforward manner.
  • Smart Contract Platform: Using this platform, developers can develop and execute smart contracts easily.
  • Gas Station: Even though this will be explained and demonstrated in detail later, this process can be explained as simplifying gas fee management for Ethereum transactions.

In addition to web3 services, there is a Mint service where developers can mint their own USDC and EURC stablecoins. It is important to note that this is exclusively for qualified businesses and institutions.

These are some examples to give you an idea what it is like to work with Circle and what you can do with Circle, but you can actually do even more. The more you get used to the technology, you will discover there are many more ways and advantages of using Circle.

In summary, Circle gives developers and users ease of usage, development with already known traditional methods with the new innovative way of payment system and blockchain development.




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