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Build on-chain with Circle and USDC

So far, you have developed this project to create a user-controlled Programmable Wallet as a developer.

Now, you will play the role of the end user.

You will create a pin code and a recovery method for your wallet.

Only after doing that the wallet is ready to use.

To complete the wallet creation, in the homework repo, click on the wallet icon in the middle of the homepage.

You will find the necessary instructions there.

Overview Of The Wallet Creation

Let's review what you have done so far to create a user controlled wallet.

We will split it into 2 parts, firstly the part of the developer and secondly the part of the user.

Part Of The Developer

Developer needs to get the following information:

  • App ID
  • User ID
  • User Token
  • Encryption Key
  • Challenge ID

After you as a developer, retrieved all the necessary information through api calls, now it is time for some user action.

Part Of The User

User needs to do the followings:

  • Create a pin code
  • Create a recovery code

Well, it seems unfair a little since the developer does most of the job, but that is where the beauty of using Circle lies. We hide the complexity from the user so that the user can use your dapp like an app.

Now, go ahead and finish the completion of a user controlled wallet because in the next lesson, you will be working with this wallet.




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