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Why Do You Need Native Tokens?

In blockchain, we use gas fees as a countermeasure for DOS attacks. So, for every transaction, we are paying a certain amount of gas fee. We pay this gas in native token of the blockchain we use.

In this tutorial, you are working on MATIC-AMOY Testnet. So, you need to get some MATIC test tokens.

Getting The Test MATIC

At this stage, you should have your wallet address. If you do not have it, you can get it from the Check Wallet Status lesson.

This is your wallet address and you can use it to receive and send funds.

  • Now, go to this faucet website
  • Select Network as “Polygon PoS (Amoy)”
  • Enter your wallet address in the text field.
  • Click the Connect Discord to get tokens button.
  • Then, check your wallet balance again. You should see that it changes from amount: "0" to amount: "0.2". Remember that you have two different token balances: one for Native Token and one for USDC. You should check the one for the native token, which should be the first one.

After you have some test tokens, you are ready for your first transaction.




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