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Move on Sui Course

Now that you know what Sui is, it is time to learn its architecture and components. Do not worry though, you don’t need to understand these concepts to write smart contracts but knowledge on these subjects can be helpful for your development process.

Let’s take a quick look at what is waiting for us:

  • Sui Network: The network layer of Sui that connects nodes and facilitates communication and consensus among them.
  • Sui Storage: The storage layer of Sui that stores data on the blockchain in an object-centric manner.
  • Sui VM: The virtual machine layer of Sui that executes smart contracts written in Move on Sui.
  • Sui Compiler: The compiler layer of Sui that compiles smart contracts written in Move source language into Move bytecode.
  • Sui SDK: The software development kit layer of Sui that provides tools and libraries for developers to write, test, debug, deploy, and interact with smart contracts on Sui.

As you can see, Sui consists of layers, like an onion. 🙂 Don’t worry, we will talk about them one by one.

Now, let’s start with the first layer.

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