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Move on Sui Course

Sui uses Move on Sui, a user-friendly programming language that is both safe and expressive.

Move on Sui simplifies the smart contract development process and prevents common errors and vulnerabilities. For example, Move on Sui has a type system that ensures that objects are only modified by their owners, preventing unauthorized access or manipulation.

Move on Sui also has a module system that allows for code reuse and verification, preventing duplication or inconsistency. Move on Sui also has a rich set of built-in features and libraries that make it easy to create and interact with objects on Sui.


Versatile Application Support: Sui supports a wide range of applications, including games, NFTs, DeFi, social media, and more. This diverse support expands the use cases and potential for blockchain integration into various aspects of our daily lives.

Enhanced User Experience and Developer Productivity: Sui provides various features like randomness, package upgrades, sponsored transactions, and display standards. These features are designed to improve both user experiences and developer productivity.

Before moving forward, let's add one more innovation. Move on Sui actually makes smart contract development fun. 🎉


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