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Layer 1s and layer 2s work together to create a more robust and efficient blockchain ecosystem. Layer 1s provide the foundation and security for the layer 2s, while layer 2s provide the scalability and functionality for the layer 1s. Layer 1s and layer 2s communicate and interact through bridges, which are protocols that enable the transfer of data and value between different layers and blockchains.

The basic workflow of layer 1s and layer 2s is as follows:

  • A user initiates a transaction on a layer 2, which is processed and executed by the layer 2 network.
  • The transaction is then batched and compressed by the layer 2 network, and sent to the layer 1 as a single transaction.
  • The layer 1 validates and confirms the transaction, and updates the state of the layer 2 accordingly.
  • The user can then withdraw the transaction from the layer 2, or keep it on the layer 2 for further transactions.

Layer 2s offer faster, cheaper, and more diverse transactions, with the security and reliability of layer 1s. They also allow cross-chain interoperability, which lets users use different blockchains’ services and assets. Layer 2s are important for the future of blockchain technology.

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