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Sui Storage:

  • Sui storage is the storage layer of Sui, responsible for storing data on the blockchain in an object-centric manner.


  • An object is a piece of data with a unique identifier (UID) and an owner address.
  • Objects can be mutable or immutable. Mutable objects can be changed by their owner or authorized smart contracts. They have a key property for UID and an optional store property indicating storage location.
  • Immutable objects are code packages with smart contract logic written in Move. They have no properties but can be referenced by other objects using their UID.

Fee Model:

  • Sui storage implements a fee model to ensure efficient and fair network resource usage.
  • Users must pay a one-time storage fee for each object they create or own. This fee is part of the gas fee calculation for transactions.
  • The storage fee varies based on object size and type, with immutable objects being cheaper.
  • Users can receive rebates for deleting or transferring objects, freeing up storage space.
  • Collected storage fees contribute to a storage fund used to reward validators maintaining network security and performance.
  • The storage fee model can be adjusted through governance proposals to align with the evolving needs of the Sui community.

User-Friendly Experience:

  • While it may seem complex, practical use will make these concepts clearer as you interact with the system.
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