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Move on Sui Course

Sui Compiler:

  • Sui Compiler is the compiler layer of Sui responsible for translating smart contracts written in the Move source language into Move bytecode.
  • Move source language is a human-readable syntax for writing Move code, while Move bytecode is a machine-readable format for executing Move code on the Sui VM.

Compiler Checks and Optimizations:

  • The Sui Compiler performs various checks and optimizations on Move source code, including:
  • Type checking: Ensuring that the types of expressions and values are consistent and compatible.
  • Bytecode verification: Verifying that the bytecode is well-formed and complies with Move's safety rules.
  • Code optimization: Applying techniques to reduce bytecode size and enhance performance.

Sui Compiler as a Translator:

  • You can conceptualize the Sui Compiler as a translator that converts between different languages (Move source and bytecode).
  • This translator not only performs the conversion but also checks for errors and enhances the quality of the output.
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