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In Sui, instead of the typical accounts used in many blockchains, they use "objects" as the fundamental unit for storing data. These objects are like containers that can hold various types of information.

Examples of Objects: Objects can represent a wide range of digital assets, such as tokens, in-game items, digital artwork, or voting rights. These objects provide a flexible way to represent and manage different types of assets.

Programmable Assets: Objects in Sui are programmable, meaning they can be customized and controlled through code. Each object has specific characteristics or attributes, such as who owns it.

Updates via Smart Contracts: The information within these objects can be modified or updated based on the rules and conditions defined in a smart contract. Smart contracts are self-executing agreements with the logic needed to make these changes.

Creative Combining and Splitting: Objects can be merged or split to invent fresh assets, opening the door to imaginative options. For example, you can mix two objects to create a new token or split an object into parts for shared ownership.

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