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Sui Network:

  • Sui network serves as the network layer of Sui, connecting nodes, including validators and full nodes, and facilitating communication and consensus among them.

DPoS Consensus:

  • Sui network employs a delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS) consensus algorithm, ensuring high performance, low latency, and accountability of validators.


  • In a blockchain system, validators act as decision-makers by investing SUI tokens. This investment reflects their commitment and earns them tokens as rewards. However, validators must adhere to network rules and avoid harmful actions to maintain its integrity.

Full Nodes:

  • Full nodes maintain a copy of the blockchain and verify the validity of transactions and blocks.
  • They do not participate in the consensus process but can act as proxies for other nodes or users looking to interact with the network.

Decentralized Irrigation System:

  • Imagine the Sui network as an advanced irrigation system with decentralized pumps (validators). Validators can easily add more units (machines) to scale horizontally according to demand.
  • In this system, programmable valves control transactions, pumps can join or leave without disrupting water pressure (consensus), and valves exchange water, making a flexible and dynamic network.
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