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Functions 2

  • In this lesson, you are going to create three more functions.
  • With the update_card_description function, users will be able to update their card's description.
  • With the deactivate_card function, users will be able to indicate that they are no longer to open to work.
  • Finally you will create a public function which will return the card information based on the given id.

You can access the codes we wrote in this lesson below. ūüĎá

 // With this function the user can change his/her card's description
  public entry fun update_card_description(devhub: &mut DevHub, new_description: vector<u8>, id: u64, ctx: &mut TxContext) {
    let user_card = object_table::borrow_mut(&mut devhub.cards, id);
    assert!(tx_context::sender(ctx) == user_card.owner, NOT_THE_OWNER);
    let old_value = option::swap_or_fill(&mut user_card.description, string::utf8(new_description));

    event::emit(DescriptionUpdated {
      name: user_card.name,
      owner: user_card.owner,
      new_description: string::utf8(new_description)

    _ = old_value;

  // With this function user can deactivate his/her account by setting open_to_work field of his/her card to false
  public entry fun deactivate_card(devhub: &mut DevHub, id: u64, ctx: &mut TxContext) {
    let card = object_table::borrow_mut(&mut devhub.cards, id);
    assert!(card.owner == tx_context::sender(ctx), NOT_THE_OWNER);
    card.open_to_work = false;

  // This function returns the card based on the id provided
  public fun get_card_info(devhub: &DevHub, id: u64): (
  ) {
    let card = object_table::borrow(&devhub.cards, id);

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