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Move on Sui Course

Sui SDK (Software Development Kit):

  • Sui SDK is the software development kit layer of Sui, offering developers a set of tools and libraries for various tasks related to smart contracts on Sui. The Sui SDK supports different languages and frameworks.

Supported Languages and Frameworks:

  • Sui CLI: A command-line interface tool for interacting with the Sui network and smart contracts. It allows tasks like creating accounts, transferring tokens, deploying contracts, and querying objects.
  • Sui VSCode: A Visual Studio Code extension for editing and debugging Move code. It facilitates writing, compiling, running, and testing smart contracts.
  • Sui JS: A JavaScript library enabling interaction with Sui network and smart contracts from web or mobile applications. It supports actions like sending transactions, calling functions, and reading data values.

Sui SDK as a Toolbox:

  • You can envision the Sui SDK as a toolbox containing various tools (CLI, VSCode, JS) for working with different materials (network, storage, VM, compiler).
  • These tools empower developers to create and manipulate various products (smart contracts) on Sui.

Bootcamp Progress:

  • The tutorial has provided an overview of Sui blockchain and its components.
  • In the next section, you'll set up your development environment for smart contract development on Move on Sui. 💪


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