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We know, finding ideas can be challenging. That's why we've curated a list for you. Explore some example project ideas from past hackathons to kickstart your brainstorming. 💡

Remember, the key is to start quickly - don't spend too much time searching for the perfect idea, even a basic project is enough to get going. We believe in your potential and wish you the best of luck with your project! 🍀


  • TripAdvisor Killer
  • Build an app where users can find stores/shops/things-to-do recommendations (gyms, restaurants, cafes, hair salons, etc.) without relying on reviews
  • Prevent fake, solicited, or biased reviews
  • Use zklogin
  • Magneto
  • Build a social media application for connecting professionals with their childhood friends over a meal / activity
  • Organizers can create event pages with information (venue, cost, etc.), and budgets are accepted upon RSVP
  • After the event, when more than 70% of attendees have marked the event as completed, the pool of funds accumulated for the meal is released to the organizer’s wallet
  • Invite-only with a user verification system based on shared school history; users with more verifications will have a higher trust score
  • Users who organized more events will also get bonus SUI
  • Sign up via zkLogin (or alternatively using wallet)
  • Suivents
  • Develop an Progressive Web App (PWA) for listing Sui or Sui-related events (ex. Luma) utilizing dynamic NFTs
  • Users sign up via zkLogin/wallet, then at the event they check-in on-chain using their NFT objects
  • Users can share photos / videos from the event
  • Users can see another user’s history of events attended(confirm checked-ins) and filter for the ones they both attended
  • SuiGram
  • Build an app exclusively for funny memes and viral content (similar to Instagram, but with another focus)
  • Users can submit memes, and others can like/upvote.
  • Memes with the most likes earn SUI at set intervals or based on demand.
  • Some winners receive extra boosts/more SUI randomly for added excitement.
  • All interactions, including submissions and votes, are on-chain for transparency.
  • Users can vote for their favorites, win SUI, and enjoy the experience.
  • The goal is to be a sustainable activity hub, capitalizing on people's love for humor.
  • SF or ML could initially seed the rewards pot; later, explore self-funding options like premium upgrades or nominal user charges post-critical mass.
  • Sui ZK Lost and Found
  • Create an app on Sui to facilitate the recovery of lost documents using a smart contract and zk-proof incentivization system without exposing sensitive information.
  • Users upload lost documents (e.g. license) to the app, extracting name, DOB, and license number through OCR.
  • Hash of name, DOB, and license number is stored in a shared object: H(name | DOB | license no).
  • Users lock a minimum amount of Sui tokens, to be rewarded to finders or returned under specified conditions.
  • Finders upload found documents to the app, and OCR extracts information.
  • Zk-proof of H(name | DOB | license no) is generated and submitted to the on-chain verifier.
  • Successful verification rewards the finder with the majority of Sui tokens, with a portion going to the app.
  • Finder's contact details are shared with the person who lost the document, ensuring privacy and incentivizing reporting.
  • This system enhances the chances of reporting findings, protects privacy, and confirms the finder with zk-proof. Adjustments can be made for practical application.


  • SuiFrens
  • Build a simple Pokemon style collection based mini game using [SuiFrens](https://suifrens.com/) as the cast of collectible monsters
  • You can use this repository here as starter code for the smart contracts
  • Assign different attributes and battle traits to SuiFrens based on their genes, which correspond to the NFT rendering
  • Incorporate Capy’s breeding functionality into the game for added depth
  • Games of Chance
  • Implement fully on-chain versions of popular games of chance, such as card games or dice games, on Sui
  • You can reference the Satoshi Coin Flip example to generate a random number on-chain
  • Make the UI as friendly as possible by implementing Sponsored Transactions and zkLogin for bonus points
  • MUD or other Fully On-chain Games
  • Create a text based role playing game in the [classic MUD](https://medium.com/@williamson.f93/multi-user-dungeons-muds-what-are-they-and-how-to-play-af3ec0f29f4a) fashion using Sui
  • Or create any other types of fully on-chain mini games
  • These tools and libraries may be useful:
  • Obelish Game Engine for Sui
  • Sui Unity SDK


  • Real-Estate Tokenization
  • Build an application for transferring and updating of real estate deeds and titles, represented as dynamic NFTs on Sui using the Display standard
  • Display Standard
  • Dynamic NFT

  • RWA Perp Trading Platform
  • Tokenize traditional financial assets (FX, commodities, equities).
  • Enable on-chain trading of these tokenized assets.
  • Implement leveraged trading functionalities.


  • SuiGPT
  • Train a [GPT agent](https://platform.openai.com/docs/guides/fine-tuning) or a [GitHub copilot](https://github.com/features/copilot) that’s proficient in the Move smart contract language
  • The trained chatbot or copilot should understand fundamental Move syntax and grammar and be able to build the basic smart contracts in Move when prompted, such as token contracts, DEX’s, NFT marketplaces, etc.
  • You may want to start with the following resources on Move:
  • Sui Move Book
  • Move Intro Course Repo
  • Awesome Move Repo (Move Sample Code)

Developer Tooling

  • Sui Integrated Testing Environment
  • Create a command line or web based framework for integrated testing for Move smart contracts
  • The framework should be able to automate Move unit testing
  • Integrate with GitHub Actions or other popular CI tooling for a bonus in scoring
  • You may also consider incorporating the Move Prover as a part of the testing framework


  • Leveraged Yield Farming Protocol
  • Develop a system to calculate the best yield opportunities on-chain.
  • Enable retail and institutional users to leverage 3x to 5x for optimal investment strategies.

In addition to the above areas, don't hesitate to explore projects related to NFT, Commerce, SAO, and more.

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